Waterproof Earphones

$15.00 $9.99

Compatible with most mp3’s and smart phones , you can relax in the safe knowledge your gadgets are fully protected from Water, Sand & Dust while maintaining full functionality.



Combined with Dri-Dock I/Phone/MP3/Smart Phone and I/Pad Pouches, these Waterproof headphones deliver clean quality music to your ears in any wet environment including submerging into shallow water.
Dri-Dock Waterproof Headphones are guaranteed 100% waterproof if kept in ears.

Ideal Retail products for Hotel Resorts, Snorkel Tour Operators, Dive Resorts, Beach Shops, Trekking Tours, Mini Markets, Camera and Telephone Shops and Outdoor Gear Outlets to sell to their customers.

Additional information

Audio Jack Plug

3.5mm stereo (L shaped)




110 (dB/mW) Decibels to Milliwatt

Speaker size

10mm Φ Diameter

Cable Length

1.2 m

How to Order

Ordering Waterproof Earphones

To order the Waterproof Earphones contact us

Contact: Chadd Heatley


Tel: 0417 919 447

or contact us through our Contact Us

All enquiries will be answered within 24hrs if not sooner.

Key Features

  • Compatible with Dri-Dock i/Phone, i/Pad Waterproof Pouches
  • 100% Waterproof in-ear design to 9ft/3m
  • Designed for use with all music players
  • Great sounds below and above water
  • Includes spare soft silicone ear pieces
  • Compatible with standard 3.5mm audio jacks
  • Ideal for listening to music whilst snorkeling, in the pool
  • Available color: White